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Do What Makes You Happy


I’ll start this off with an acknowledgement that I haven’t posted anything in close to a year. And, what a year it’s been. Shortly after my last post my professional life got hectic as hell. I was a security contractor…was. I have spent almost 20 years looking after folks who otherwise couldn’t protect themselves, and I was paid handsomely for it. Last week I decided I wasn’t going to be a security contractor anymore. I have always had a love /hate relationship with my profession. After spending several months taking stock of my professional life, and how it affected my personal life, I decided it was time for a major change.

I have probably been talking about getting out of the security industry for 10 years. I have always had trouble with my personal beliefs being in total conflict with my professional life. The solution to the conflict has always been to compartmentalize and rationalize it away. It came to head while sitting on a job in the Caribbean watching a shady project manager steal a multi million dollar contract in slo-mo. My abject disgust with lack of integrity finally got the better of me. I made an announcement on my LinkedIn page that I was going to do something else, and here I am.

“Do what makes you happy” were Jamies words to me. She meant it. I am taking her advice. Sailing makes me happy. Writing makes me happy. Being at home on the boat makes me happy. Being in Marina Del Rey makes me happy. It’s time for me to spend some time concentrating on those things. Jamie and I have lived in Los Angeles for close to 4 years and I want to spend time exploring our city before we leave for another adventure. I am going to get a USCG Captains License.  I have a long list of boat jobs, a lifetime of stories to tell, and the rest of my life to tell those stories.

So in the coming weeks I will be updating this blog with all things sailing…sailing projects, sailing to destinations, sailing life. I love it, and I hope my writing will reflect that fact. I hope I can provide a good window into our world.  Join us…check in from time to time. If you like what you read, then subscribe. Leave comments. If you’re a sailor in Marina Del Rey, then connect…we want to hear from you. This is the first time in my life where I can make actual plans. I am thoroughly excited to branch out into the unknown.