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I Can Fit In My Refrigerator


It’s been two weeks since I last wrote. My excuse, in case anyone was wondering, is that it took that long to get internet up and running. Oh what a two weeks it has been. Artemis now has internet, and refrigeration! Our companionway ladder has sisal rope nonskid, and our mast is a giant scratching post. We have been busy. Our dog can now make it up and down the companionway steps with ease, and our cat has the biggest scratching post in the history of domestic felines.

Full disclosure…I can’t completely fit into the refrigerator. I can mostly fit into the refrigerator. Jamie fits completely. “Honey, I fit into the refrigerator” probably at the top of the list of phrases I never thought I would hear my wife utter. But, indeed she said it, and indeed she fit into the fridge. Those are the conversation two people who know next to nothing about refrigeration have when installing refrigeration. The old fridge worked great during the sea trial… it completely gave up the ghost when we took delivery. I could almost hear my credit card scream NOoooooooo!!! as I took it out of my wallet. If my credit card were a child…CPS would have taken it away weeks ago.

I had watched enough youtube vids to get a fairly good idea of what I needed to do to replace our fridge. I relayed my plan to the brains of this outfit…tweaked it a bit, and installed it! There’s something truly wonderful about a successful DIY project. I feel like a rocket scientist when I pull a DIY project off. An Absolute genius…Einstein. Jamie and I are still glowing with pride. Plus, doing it ourselves saved us somewhere between a shitton, and a fuckton of money. A blatant shout out to Defender in the great state of Connecticut. Great prices on a great products. Isotherm deserves a bit of recognition as well. I’m thoroughly happy with the compact little compressor. It’s quiet, and super efficient. We are going to do it all over again for the freezer!

It wasn’t all projects…we actually went sailing as well. It was the first time since the sea trial that Artemis has had wind in her sails, and our first time as her owners. We had our instructor Kirby come by…he made sure we didn’t do anything dumb. He taught us how to sail in a capri 22 named Starworld. Starworld is part of the small boat fleet at Santa Monica Windjammers Yacht Club. I would encourage anyone who wants to learn how to sail to check out their program. Starworld was the largest boat we had sailed until we bought Artemis. It seemed fitting to have Kirby with us. We did 7.2 kts in a 10 kt wind on a gorgeous up, and back to Santa Monica. It was a beautiful day to sail. A two hour sail made all the projects worth it. Fresh fruit from the fridge is another awesome benefit.


I’ll close with a few humorous observations I’ve made since becoming a liveaboard. Jamie and I keep a running tally of how many times we have hit our head. It’s part of our daily conversation…”Hey honey how was your day? How many times did you hit your head” or “please dont hit your head”. Jamie has more tan one lump on her head. As I type I have an extra hole in my head, that wasn’t there when I woke up this morning. It hurts like hell too. Ths solution is either Jamie and I make helmets part of our everyday wear, or we slow down. Take the time to savor the moments. Being on a boat, and in a small space gives us no choice but to slow down. Either that or walk around partially concussed all the time. Concussed is not sustainable, and helmets just aren’t all that comfy.