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Moving Day…


I’ll get to the jist of this post in a second, but first introductions are necessary. I am Rob, and I will be the primary author of this blog. I am married to Jamie. She’s the brains of our duo, and the reason we’re moving. Sheena is our German Shepherd. She looks after me. Her goal in life is to be loved by Onyx. Onyx is our 13 year old black cat. Onyx pretty much runs the whole gang. Sheena is terrified of her wrath, and behaves accordingly. Onyx’ main goal in life is to perch herself on Jamie. If Jamie sits anywhere, Onyx is 2 seconds behind ready to leap into a lap. If she’s not in a lap, then she’s climbing on a shoulder. Onyx cares little for human sleep patterns, and will demand attention at some very inconvenient hours. Since training her out of 3am calls to throw her fuzzy ball is an impossibility, her needs are always met. The four of us are about to move onto a 43 foot sailboat…today.

A few months ago Jamie and I went to MarinaFest at Burton Chase Park in Marina Del Rey. We wanted to spend a day enjoying music, Marina Del Rey, and the awesome California weather.  MarinaFest also serves as a, fantastic venue for brokers to sell boats. Jamie and I bought the ticket to get onto the docks to check out the boats for sale, and it changed our lives.

“I could live on this”…words uttered by Jamie as she wandered through the salon of a Beneteau Sense 57. “Hell yeah!” were the words that went through my mind. “Really?” was the word that came out of my mouth. We had discussed marine life before. In fact we had a fairly traumatic early experience in marine life that, up until MarinaFest, precluded any discussion of boats in general. Time heals a lot of wounds, and Beneteaus show really well…well enough to eclipse earlier experience, and spark a dream.

Dreams without plans remain just that…but once a plan is formed, then the dream becomes a goal. We joined Santa Monica Windjammers Yacht Club to learn how to sail. We took to sailing like a fish to water. Danny (the yacht club bartender) referred us to Denise from Denison Yachts. Denise became our broker, and was the indispensable “adult in the room” when it came to boat buying. She guided us through the process, and made sure we didn’t commit major boat buying mistakes. Denise arranged to show us Artemis. We loved the boat, put in an offer, offer was accepted, and before we knew it we were the proud owners of a 43ft 1991 Hunter Legend. Bravado was the name that she came to us with…Artemis is the name we changed her to.

Artemis resides in a live aboard spot in Marina Del Rey, and as of tonight…she will be our home. Neither one of us have sailed anything larger than a 22 Capri. We started sailing 8 months ago. Sailing has become a huge part of our lives. We plan on using this next year in MDR to build our sailing skills. We have a lot of firsts coming. It’s going to be exciting as hell.

If you have read this far, then welcome. We are glad you’re here.  Jamie and I jumped straight into the deep end by buying a 43ft boat as our first sailboat. We hold no illusion of a utopian life of boat drinks, and yacht parties. We know it will be a challenge. We have consciously decided to live our dreams, and hope that we can inspire you to live yours. This blog will feature photos, and narrative. We have a twitter handle @SVArtemis1 where you can interact with us. You can also find us on youtube.

Rob and Jamie